Empower disaster response teams to quickly respond to an emergency, rebuild faster, and restore affected areas more efficiently through an unparalleled mixed reality experience.

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Respond. Rebuild. Restore.

A HoloLens application for disaster response teams.

Scene Inspection

Mark dangerous places and shared with the team.

Live HoloLens Feed

Transmit images and videos back to DEOC for further evaluation.

City Overview

Show the overview of the city and suggested routes.

Connect with Disaster Emergency Operation Center.

Collaborate with analysts and experts in real-time.

Real-time Collaboration

Let analysts and experts inspect the scene in real-time.

Data Visualization

Visualize the information for further planning and activity.

Two-way Communication

Communicate and collaborate with people in the scene.

The Team

Drew Stone

Amanda koster

Alicia Lookabill

Tyler Esselstrom

Sebastian Sanchez

Abhigyan Kaustubh

Steven Dong

Evan West

Jared Sanson

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